Sodium tripolyphosphate
Cas No.: 7758-29-4

HS Code: 2835319000

Chemical Formula: Na5P3O10

Net weight: 25KG/bag
product description
Product Name: Sodium tripolyphosphate

Cas No.: 7758-29-4  

HS Code: 2835319000

Chemical Formula: Na5P3O10

Net weight: 25KG/bag


Assay Na5P3O10 % ≥  94 Min.94.1
P2 O 5 % ≥  57 Min.57.02
Water Insoluble Matter % ≤  0.1 Max.0.1
Fe % ≤ 0.0150.013
PH value (1% water solution)  9.2-10.09.75
Whiteness % ≥  90 Min.90.85
Phase I 10-3021
Density 0.4-0.650.60


White powder or Graunlar

Density is 2.52

Melting point is 622ºC, 

soluble in water easily, but not in organic solvent. It is a fine soft water agent.


[Purpose 1]

It is used as water softener and candy industry

[Purpose 2]

Used for meat processing, synthetic detergent formula, textile dyeing, as well as dispersant, cosolvent, etc

[Purpose 3]

The product quality improver can improve the complexed metal ions, pH value and ionic strength of food, thereby improving the cohesion and water holding capacity of food. China stipulates that it can be used for dairy products, fish products, poultry products, ice cream and instant noodles, with the maximum usage of 5.0g/kg; The maximum use amount in canned, fruit juice (flavor) drinks and vegetable protein drinks is 1.0g/kg.

[Purpose 4]

Tissue improver; Emulsifier; Buffer; Chelating agent; Stabilizer. Mainly used for tenderizing ham cans; Canned broad beans soften the skin. It can also be used as water softener, pH regulator and thickener.

[Purpose 5]

It is used as soap synergist and to prevent soap grease from separating out and frosting. It has a strong emulsification effect on lubricating oil and fat, and can be used to adjust the Ph value of buffer soap solution. Water softener for industrial water. Tanning pretanning agent. Dyeing auxiliaries. It is used as dispersant when preparing suspension in industries such as paint, kaolin, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate, etc. Drilling mud dispersant. The paper industry is used as an anti oil stain agent.

[Purpose 6]

It is used as an efficient water softener for cooling water treatment of power stations, rolling stock, boilers and fertilizer plants. It has strong ability to complexe Ca2+. Every 100g can complexe 19.5g of calcium. The chelation and adsorption dispersion of SHMP destroy the normal growth process of calcium phosphate and other crystals and prevent the formation of calcium phosphate scale. The dosage is 0.5 mg/L, and the scaling prevention rate reaches 95%~100%.

[Purpose 7]

Sodium tripolyphosphate is used as detergent, auxiliary agent, soap synergist and anti bar soap crystallization and frosting, industrial water softener, tanning pretanning agent, dyeing auxiliary, oil well mud digging control agent, oil stain prevention agent for paper making, and effective dispersant for suspension treatment of paint, kaolin, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate, etc. Food grade sodium tripolyphosphate can be used as a food improver for various fish products and a clarifying agent for beverages.


It should be placed in a cool and dry place indoors to avoid sun and rain.

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