Sodium Nitrate
Cas No.: 7631-99-4

HS Code: 31025000

Chemical Formula: NNaO3

Net weight: 25KG/bag
product description

Product Name: Sodium Nitrate

Cas No.: 7631-99-4

HS Code: 31025000

Chemical Formula: NNaO3

Net weight: 25KG/bag

ItemQuality Index

Purity99.5% min99.3% min98.5% min
Moisture1.0% max1.5% max2.0% max
Chlorides ( As NaCL )0.15% max0.25% max----
Sodium nitrite 0.01% max0.02% max0.15% max
Water insolubles0.03% max0.05% max-----
Sodium Carbonate0.05%0.1% max-----
Iron (Fe)0.005%---------




White fine crystal. Some are light gray or buff. The relative molecular weight is 84.99 and density is 2.257. It's easy to be deliquescence and to dissolve in water and liquid ammonia, but only a little can dissolve in ethanol and glycerin. The melting point is 271ºC. And decomposition temperature is 380ºC. Its decomposition products are sodium nitrite and oxygen. If heated to higher temperature, it will be decomposed into the mixed gas of oxygen, azote and oxynitride. It has the strong oxidizing property and can cause the inflammation and explore while mixed with organics, sulfur and sulfite etc.



Sodium nitrate is the raw material for manufacturing potassium nitrate, mine explosives, picric acid, dyes, etc. 



The enamel industry is used as flux, oxidant and raw material for preparing enamel powder. Glass industry is used as decolorant, defoamer, clarifier and oxidation flux for various glasses and products. Inorganic industry is used as decolorizing agent for molten caustic soda and for manufacturing other nitrates. The food industry is used as a colouring agent for meat processing, which can prevent meat deterioration and play a role in seasoning. The chemical fertilizer industry is used as a quick acting fertilizer for acid soil, especially for root crops, such as beets, radishes, etc. The dye industry is used as raw material for the production of picric acid and dyes. Metallurgical industry is used as heat treatment agent for steelmaking and aluminum alloy. Jicheng industry is used as metal cleaner and black metal bluing agent. The pharmaceutical industry is used as a medium for penicillin. The cigarette industry is used as a combustion promoter for tobacco. Used as a chemical reagent in analytical chemistry. In addition, it is also used to produce explosives.

Chemically pure sodium nitrate is used for low chromic acid passivation of zinc coating and oxidation solution of magnesium alloy.



Stored in dry and ventilated place. No contacting with nitride and reductive matter. 

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